Are you looking for a trustworthy professional partner for a moving to Belgium ?

T2M Relocation will help you to find « THE » solution.

Our international movers are highly experienced since they have been doing that for more than 10 years.

Paris-Belgium removals are usual lines for T2M Relocation. Each week, we take care of one moving from or to Belgium at least.

We also do several removals from Marseille to Anwerpen or from Anwerpen to Marseille for all professionals of the maritime sector.



Your future relocation will be studied by our technical advisor after a survey at your home, which is free and without any commitment.

All your expectations and requests will be taken into consideration, then a sales representative will send you a free moving quote.

Why moving to Belgium ?

Belgium is the 4th country in the world where many French people live : there were 130 000 in 2018. Most of them live in Brussels.

Life in Belgium is more or less the same as far as the cost of living is concerned. The prices are practically the same.

Many people have found in Belgium important career opportunities. This is also the main reason of their moving into Belgium.

You hesitate to call a professional mover for your relocation in Belgium ?

We highly recommend you to call a professional mover for your removal which can be delicate and complex. By calling an international moving company like T2M, you do not need to worry and bother about any formalities .

For your relocations to Belgium, we offer you many kinds of services :  Economic services – standard services – comfort services – Prestige services and personnalized services.

What adminsitrative steps do I have to do for my removal to Belgium ?

A European will not have any problems to settle in Belgium which  is a member of Schengen Area.

However, you need to take some steps in order to start a new life in Belgium :

  • Open a bank account in Belgium
  • Declare your tax household in France or Belgium
  • Get your European Health Card


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