Déménagement T2M pour les particuliers

United Kingdom is the third country where there is an important French community : 300 000 in 2018.

French people move to England mostly for the job opportunities it offers or for its near geographic position.

Opportunities and advantages the English working world offers seduce a lot of foreigners.

You want to move to England with a highly qualified specialist in removals ?



WITH THE BREXIT, what administrative steps to take for a moving to England ?

The brexit (British Exit) means the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union, which is planned for the 29th of March 2019.

England will have to respect all the rules and laws of the European area until the 31st  of December 2020.

To get a permanent status, we propose a free assistance service.

This service will explain you the steps of your removal in England and all the administrative forms to fill in.

Why to choose T2M Relocation to move to England ?

T2M Relocation is a one of the European leaders of removals.

France-England or England-France removals are done each week by our movers all along the year.

Our teams are highly qualified and experimented. Their knowledge and their know-how will make your removal to England easy and peaceful.

When you move to England, you need to prepare a perfect organization of the entire removal.

T2M Relocation is an essential actor to deal with the removal of your business to England.

How will my removal to United Kingdom take place ?

We propose several types of transport and services to move our clients to United Kingdom.

The transport of your removal to England will be done by sea route (container, ferry) or by ground route (by the eurotunnel chanel).

Thus, we propose to each of our clients several kinds of services for their move.

Our services are prepared in order to satisfy your needs according to your expectations.

Ours services of removals are for everyone, it is why we try to find for you the best solution to move your goods to England in the best ways.

For small volumes, we propose groupages to United Kingdom which will  reduce the cost of your move, thanks to the sharing of transport charges.

Your removal to United Kingdom with T2M Relocation will certainly be a wonderful experience.


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