The preservation of your archives is a legal obligation in the eyes of the law and your employees.

When moving to new offices, to increase efficiency and optimize space, you can call T2M to archive your documents.

Your archives in security

We offer archiving solutions for your documents without disturbing the activity of your company.

Our experienced movers transport your documents safely and without damaging them.

We will keep them in dust and moisture-proof rooms, offering maximum protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You take no risks, all our boxes for rent are fully secure, equipped with cameras and motion sensors.

Abduction benefits, delivery, storage, sorting and provision services require a specific contract with precise specifications.

T2M offers you solutions for archiving your documents without disrupting your company's business.

Why archiving?

  • Your service moves

    You move and need to take your archives to the new premises?

    We have solutions for your projects

  • Missing space

    Your archives are piling up and you are running out of space on your premises?

    We can fix it!

  • Organizational problem

    Storage becomes complicated and you no longer want to search for hours for a document?

    We have the solution for you.

  • Sensitive documents

    You have to put your archives in a confidential place?

    Our archiving solutions offer the assurance of maximum security.

Elimination of archives

We also have an archive disposal service with a certificate of destruction.

Regardless of the quantity of archives to be disposed of, we ensure the collection, transport and disposal of your confidential documents.

A detailed estimate is established after the estimation of your archives.

The material and human resources are then implemented for a discreet, efficient and transparent service.

Benefits related to externalization of archives

  • No internal investment (cabinets, shelves, additional surfaces ...)
  • Quick archive consultation: J + 1 and Fax / Scan in an emergency.
  • Precise management of the stock (destruction, new archives ...)
  • Variable costs based on actual needs.
  • Surface used only for living archives.

Why choose t2m moving for the storage of your documents?

Movers for more than 10 years, we use our knowledge in the transport of goods to offer you a complementary service: paper archiving.
Your archives take up unnecessary spacein your society? Call us.


You don’t have to worry about transporting your paper documents.
We will calculate the volume you want to store and we will move to your company to pick them up.


Our agency works with professionalsall over the country in France.
Your archives will be kept, no matter how far away you are.


The sensitive archives and all the documents entrusted to us are placed anonymously and securely (alarms, fire protection) in our warehouse equipped to receive them.


Your business need a small storage space? Your factory moves and cannot keep its archives for lack of space?
We store your documents, regardless of their volume.