Office move

When you change your workplace, ensuring the comfort of your employees is essential to the recovery of your activity in the best conditions.

A service adapted to your needs

At T2M, we have the equipment and the know-how you need for your business removal.

The transfer of your company, office or store cannot be improvised.

A rigorous and methodical organization is necessary in order to limit the interruption of your professional activity as much as posssible.

Thus, we precisely define the human and material resources that should be taken.

T2M - A service adapted to your needs

Between professionals, we understand each other

The transfer of your company, office or store cannot be improvised.


A company moves on average every 5 years in Europe.

For an administrative move improvisation is impossible.

In order to limit business interruption, T2M relocation offers a flawless organization.

We take care of all your constraints (organization, dates, schedules, priorities…).

A dedicated interlocutor takes care of your company removal, from the first visit to the installation to your new premises.

Moving a computer site is a very sensitive event in the life of a company.

An IT site move is a very delicate event for a company.

For disconnection, computer reconnection and maintenance operations, we work with a specialized partner to ensure the safe preservation and transfer of your data.

Each item will be invented and labeled in order to guarantee the restoration of your activities in the shortest time possible.

The essential sequences to support are:

  • The realization of backups
  • Disconnection and reconnection operations
  • Protection of the material according to its specificities
  • Packing, transport and repositioning operations according to the agreed services
  • Testing controls to verify that your computer system works
T2M - Our specialists in company and office removals are at your disposal to advise you.


Our business and office relocation specialists are at your service and always at your disposal to advise you.

  • Packing your files and documents as agreed
  • Disassembly, protection and reassembly of the furniture
  • Transport in padded trucks, all cubage
  • Replacing the furniture
  • Archives destruction by incineration
trust T2M Déménagement

Trust T2M movers !

We will take care of your transfer on the national territory or the international, by land, sea or air, thanks to our network.

Our highly experienced movers will to carry out the transfer of your offices, administrative move, industry and your computer park.

To achieve an effective result, we implement all technical and human resources.
In addition to the moving services, we provide our secure warehouses 24/7.

A corporate move requires a perfect organizational mastery and a complete management of all the steps that the move includes.

Business removal is much more complex than an individual move. Therefore a specialized professional is required to meet several criteria of know-how:

  • Prepare goods and materials for safe transport
  • Manage a labeling for tracking goods to be transported
  • Implement delicate handling
  • Ensure complex rebates
  • Implement re-commissioning tests

Steps in moving offices

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