National removal

If you move to Paris, Lyon, Marseille or to any other cities in France, we certainly have the solution you need.
Each removalis different because each customer is different.

T2M relocation! You have certainly made the best choice!

Our company will always be available to satisfy all your needs and take perfect care of your removal.

Our company will always be available to satisfy all your needs and take perfect care of your removal.

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to deal with them.

T2M is attentive to your needs in order to facilitate your move.


How to proceed?

  • Contact us
  • By phone or email, we will plan with you an appointment for a technical survey
  • A technician willcome at your home for free, without any commitment, to do a technical visit

Before any services, to make the best organization for your removal, we will start by establishing a free quote.
Every quote is treated with the highest interest so that to enable you to judge the cost of the removal.

T2M - Storing your belongings in storage is like entrusting a piece of your life and your best memories, and we know it!

Why choosing T2M RELOCATION?

T2M RELOCATION will take care of your removal all over the national territory wherever you are.

We have succeeded to confirm our capacity to be a specialist of goods transport and storage.

Our highly experienced movers have all the required skills for an international professional mover. They will put all their expertises to satisfy your needs, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

The services we offer are complete since we take care of all the steps of your relocation.

From the packing to the setting up of your items, our movers will stay with you.

You need to know that we do not subcontract none of our services.

T2M RELOCATION is part of the ChambreSyndicale des Déménageurs (CSD : the movers union chamber) which represents and defends the French movers companies.

We are also members of the FFD (FédérationFrançaise des Déménageurs = Mover’s French Federation) which guarantees a perfection on all our services.

The steps of your removal


One of our experts will come to your home for a survey and will :
  • Introduce our company
  • Determine with you the kind of services you need
  • Estimate the volume of items to be moved
  • Advise you on the best suited solutions for your needs
  • Plan the time needed on the job
  • Check the departure access

After having taken all the needed information, a sales person will study your project.

You will get a quote within 24h.

This quote will show the following information:

  • Date of the removal
  • Kind of circuit (groupage, organized, special)
  • Departure and arrival addresses
  • Terms of payment
  • General term agreement
  • The details of the included services

We consider that the file is confirmed when we get the quote with the general terms agreement signed and the payment of the deposit.

When it is confirmed, we will contact you in order to fix together the dates for loading of delivery and also the date for the packing material delivery you will need.

When our movers arrive at your place, the one in charge of the team will introduce his colleagues and himself. Then, he will make achecking tour of the items to be moved.

That will enablehim to know what to do first, how to pack the items and also check with you if an item is damaged or not before loading.