At T2M, we know how important the equipment and objects you leave in storage are in your life for all the memory they represent. That is why we attach a big importance to keep your things safe.

We can welcome and keep safe your objects and equipment as long as you need

You are looking for a flexible and accessible solution to store your household goodsduring a short or long term? A storage unit is an option which offers many advantages and our teams will guarantee you a quality and safe storage.

Our storage solutions are available to both individuals and companies.

According to your needs, the length of the services or the nature of your goods, our teams will do their best to satisfy you by choosing the best conditions of your storage.

T2M - Do you want to store your furniture?

The storage, a very convenient solution


You left your old home, but haven’t found your new home yet?

You found it, but the refreshing works will last a few months?

No worries ! T2M relocation will take care of your stuff during this transition period.

With T2M keep moving!


You need to renovate your home but you lack space during the works?

No worries ! We will take care of your things during this time.

Opt for the storage solution to protect them and to be able to do the work in the best conditions.

Doing works is good ... But with T2M relocation, it's better!

Travel or moving abroad

You need to take a sabbatical or go abroad to work? The storage can be very practical!

This is the ideal solution, for owners as for tenants.

Entrust your stuffs to us and sail to new horizons!

The best solution for people on the move, is T2M!

End of the year at the university

Do you prefer not to pick up your things from your parents at the end of each university year?

Many young people go to study far away from home, in another city, or even in another country.

During the long university years students accumulate a lot of stuff and it is not easyto take everything.

Why not envisageto store them in our storage?

T2M is the good budget plan for students.

Period of mourning

The loss of a loved one is a difficult event to face ...

Do not worry about his stuff. Put them in a secure storage, until you feel ready to list and select them.

With T2M keep calm in difficult moments.

Separation or divorce

When you separate, one of the spouses must leave home.

This last will need to move some household goods while waiting for a new home.

Storage of furniture and personal things constitute a complex problematic.

If you have not found a new fixed address yet, the storage option can be the solution.

Need for space

New resolution !!An organization in your home because you need space but you have trouble separating yourself from some of your things.

The storage is the ideal solution to store them safely.

Need space, With T2M relocationstore differently!

Storage services

To enable advanced protection and storage, our movers will pack your goods with the best materials, eliminating any risks of damage from shock, moisture or heat.

Storage services:

  • available in Lyon, Geneva and Paris
  • warehouse under alarm and remote surveillance 24h / 24, 7 days / 7
  • storage box of 8 to 12 m3 closed and sealed
  • leaded metal maritime container of 35 m3
  • establishment of a packing list and each article is numbered
  • the safest fire protection
  • respect of NF standards specific to storage
  • storage accessible to customers for possible removal
T2M - our movers will ensure the packing of your goods with the best materials