Diplomatic relocations

If you are a diplomate or ambassador, and you plan to move abroad or to come back home, we have the best solutions for you

A situation adapted to your particular situation

As a diplomat you are required to change assignmentsand countries regularly and to be transferred.

Whatever your destination, T2M RELOCATION network agents will help you with your moving needs.

Singles, families, from a few months to several years, we offer customized solutions for moving and storage.

Are you a diplomat? Are you moving? T2M accompanies you
T2M, diplomatic move - Whatever your destination, the agents of the T2M network will assist you with your moving needs.

T2M, expert in diplomatic relocation

Today, T2M relocation is working with several foreign ministries for the removal of their workers.

Our company carries out relocations for diplomatic employees and their families, members of international organizations, the headquarters of foreign missions and embassies.

Working with embassies and diplomatic missions is one of the key activities of our relocation company.

We are a great partner to help you to organize your move and meet your expectations.

All issues related to cargo clearance and potential costs should be discussed with your move coordinator before you start your removal.

Knowledge of procedures

The essential aspect of a foreign moving for a diplomat, is the respect of the protocol and the procedures in force according to the country of destination.

We are perfectly familiar with customs import-export procedures and the permits that are needed.

Your only task will be to give us the necessary information to organize the move.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities guarantee safe moving and storage.

Transport can be done by any types of vehicles: truck, plane, train or boat.

As a result, your household goods will be insured by reputable insurance companies around the world.

T2M is familiar with customs import-export procedures and permits to obtain, thus avoiding all the inconveniences associated with this process.

Advantages of a complete service for a diplomatic relocation:

A complete removal organization

We take care of the complete removal management, directly with the concerned person or with his office or embassy.

Show Responsiveness

Even for a late assignment and in urgency, T2M will organize your moves according to your needs and requests, whatever the volume and the destination.

Code of ethics

Professionalism, reserve duty, the administrative or field teams are held at the absolute discretion of their clients, the activities of the latter, as well as the place of performance of the moving services.

All the most sensitive information about our customers is archived in a secure way.

Storage solutions

Being a diplomat implies to leave for more or less long missions in France or abroad.

T2M RELOCATION offers storage solutions adapted to each situation, with the highest security level.