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European leader in the moving of private individuals and professionals, we ensure the relocation of your apartment, your house or your offices from or to Berlin.

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located in northern Germany, it is the second largest city in Europe and the first in the country. It has 3.5 million Berliners. It is one of the cities where the quality of life is the best in Europe. This is not only the administrative capital of Germany, it is also an essential place for lovers of art and music. The city of Berlin has approximately 150 museums.

It is a cosmopolitan European city with many communities present for many years and actively participate in the economic growth of the city. There are nearly 190 different nationalities in this world city.

Berlin is a historical and cultural center with many monuments to visit in summer. The rest of the year the climate is cold and the rainy weather, it is better to enjoy your walks in the streets of Berlin during the summer season.


As Germany is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area, the installation in Germany will be facilitated and no visa will be imposed.

Important to know, once installed in your new home in Berlin, you will need to declare your home (Anmeldung) quickly.

This first statement will allow you to manage subsequent administrative procedures such as the opening of your bank account.


There are many people who want to live in Berlin, mainly for business transfers or family reunification. For this, it is necessary to organize his move that can not be improvised.

The choice of mover is important because there are many professionals offering this service to Berlin.

Your choice should then be on the quality of service and management of the organization.

That is why you are advised to choose a professional moving specialist in Europe.