Porto – Portugal

Successful removal to Porto

Are you looking for a mover in Porto? T2M Relocation supports you to prepare your removal to Porto.

Moving is a source of stress because, first because stuff are your and precious and also because you are separated from a space and people you usually see every day. Moving abroad is a different test: it’s a mixture of feelings of anxiety and excitement.

Tell us where you want to move and we will tell you how we will prepare your removal, so that the transition is made in the best conditions.

It’s a part of your life and your emotions are moving, with the help of our movers your expatriation will be without incident.

We can store your belongings for your removal to Porto in our supervised warehouses around the clock and we ensure that they are well protected.


Gastronomy and wines

The city is known for its tasty cuisine, with the colonization gastronomy has internationalized.

Prepare your taste buds and relax your stomach to enjoy the dishes that you will probably accompany its exceptional wines.

Once you are settled in Porto, you will feel this art of living well thanks to the warm welcome of the inhabitants of the city.

The restaurants flock to the streets of Porto, which will leave you the choice to eat different things for cheap.

Porto: a fascinating and dynamic city

Second largest city of Portugal after Lisbon, it is a city rich in history.

The people of Porto will put you at ease when you arrive, you will feel at home thanks to a warm welcoming.

Moving to Porto means enjoying the local gastronomy, the sun, its divine beaches, its music and the fantastic landscapes.

Getting around Porto

Enjoy the beautiful city of Porto in a convenient and efficient way by traveling with public transport. Porto has various means of transport to visit the main monuments of the city or to go to the beach.

You can use the same ticket to travel by bus, subway, train which is convenient. For a nice walk in the city center of Porto, you can go with the funicular back Guindais to move between the two levels of the city.